Saturday, February 23, 2019

Review: Prisoner of Night

Prisoner of Night Prisoner of Night by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm so confused as to why this is a Black Dagger Brotherhood book at all. I get that these are the BDB type of vampires in that world, but...c'mon, at least give us a cameo if this is at all related. This may as well have been any other book series for all the connections there are. We haven't met this girl before, we haven't met this guy before, and there wasn't even any Shadow crossover (which would have been possible!). All of that aside, it was a good read, forcibly jammed into this existing universe.

We start with Duran, who has a sole reason for living - to kill his father to avenge his mother. While in the final planning phase, he ends up getting dragged from his cult-life to become prisoner of warlord. Fast forward about 20 years and we see Ahmare dragged into this world as well. She's determined to pay her brother's ransom, but it seems there will always be one more thing. This latest task comes with a "weapon" in the form of Duran.

These two become reluctant allies along the way, and, of course, there is a lot of romance along the way. By the end of this short read we end up resolving Duran's revenge storyline, Ahmare's storyline, getting a bonus story of a Shadow, and seeing an overall HEA. I think anyone could read this book, since there is no reason needed to be familiar with the larger world that this supposedly takes place in.

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