Friday, January 4, 2019

Review: Don't Cheat Me

Don't Cheat Me Don't Cheat Me by Jackie May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After absolutely loving the first book in this series, I was shocked to discover that another book had come out and I had yet to pick it up! I remedied this by making it my very last book read in 2018. This book didn’t disappoint and left me smiling and eager for more.

Nora is newly introduced to the paranormal world and has been accepted or hated in pretty much equal parts. She’s a bit of a mystery in the powers department, so even her allies don’t know what to expect from her as she develops. One thing is for sure, though, she’s drawing men to her with some form of her magic. After yet another attack, this time of the vampire variety, it’s decided that maybe she should learn to defend herself. Her werewolf bartender coworker ends up taking her to his old werewolf pack’s gym for some lessons, only to introduce and promptly dump her on his brother.

This new character, Rook, was a nice addition to the already growing number of paranormal characters. Since he lives on pack territory, the majority of the action this time revolves around werewolf drama. The alpha of the pack engages Nora’s abilities to help with a few things, all of which get her in hot water. Even by hanging around the pack’s most eligible bachelor gets her in trouble. She is certainly living up to her troll-given nickname in this one.

I said the last one was lacking a little bit in the romance department but this book was all about the gigantic love mess going on with Nora. She’s just adding to her list of potential boyfriends with each turn of the page and I know it will eventually come to blows or possibly some big (or bigger than before) murder plot to take out some competition. This book does give you some resolution, however, about what exactly Nora is and I was dumbfounded that I hadn’t put it together on my own. While this was not necessarily the same feel as the first book, I still love all these yummy characters and am eager to get the next book in the series.

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