Friday, June 15, 2018

Review: Burning Bright

Burning Bright Burning Bright by Chris Cannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so conflicted! I loved this book but I am so sad to say goodbye to Bryn and her friends!

This book is the last (?) book in the series about Bryn and her adventures in being a dragon shifter. From the start, I fell in love with this awkward orphan/not-orphan newly discovered hybrid dragon shifter. Though I sometimes questioned her judgement in these insane situations she finds herself in, she has ultimately become one tough chick.

This is Bryn's senior year, she's agreed to marry Jaxon (and all his baggage) and she is trying to adjust to the fact that her parents are not dead. Sure, her grandparents, Jaxon's family, and her mom and dad can't really all be in the same room together, but what's life without family drama? Jaxon, however, is proving to be a bit more difficult to live with than she anticipated. This farce of an engagement is hard to sell to the outside world when you can't stand one another. Slowly, however, they begin to adjust and adapt.

Bryn's friends, as always, continue to be awesome. In fact, all the characters in this universe are pretty great. The mystery that abounds this time? Dragon-pires appear to be making a come back. There is just so much to explain around that entire story that you'll just have to take my word for it. Bryn, as usual, is in at the center of all this and is, of course, one of the first to be attacked. What's a Bryn story without a little assault and kidnapping? Things, of course, resolve themself in a huge and flashy way, complete with a shocking HEA.

Throughout this series, I have changed my mind about Jaxon back and forth. This story, definitely, put me firmly on Team Jaxon. He grows so much (maybe even more than Bryn) along this series that I would find it hard to argue against him in the end. If you are even a little interested in a YA paranormal story, I would suggest you start with book one and enjoy!

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