Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Review: Quinn

Quinn Quinn by D.B. Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a sexy, standalone (if you want) vampire read with all the bells and whistles – this is the book for you!

I picked up Quinn not really knowing what to expect. I’m 12 (or more) books into this world and now we are rapidly moving out of America and into other countries. Here, we join Quinn as he moves to Ireland with the plan to become the new vampire lord here. The current lord (who is in league with the bad vamps who are doing a really bad job at beating Raphael) is obviously corrupt and is doing a pretty poor job of taking care of the vampires who are sworn to him. Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s a character flaw, but either way, it looks like the remaining un-American-vampire-ruled-countries will probably show up on the radar like this. That being said, Quinn is not your typical “Raphael vampire.” We don’t have an extensive experience with him, he hasn’t been a prominent side character in previous books, and he doesn’t call up Raphael or his close buds a whole bunch in this book. It was kind of a relief to have such a change!

So, we already know the main story – Quinn’s battle to win Ireland – but what would these books be without the mates? They’re always spunky and awesome, and Eve is no different. Eve’s brother was killed by vampires in front of her, thus creating the slutty Buffy character she now is, roaming the streets killing the “bad” vampires in town. In Ireland, it appears, there are more bad vampires than good. Quinn, however, is looking to change that and it happens pretty quickly (just like his romance with Eve). These two combust quickly, despite her having a penchant for vampire slaying. The combination of Quinn’s aggressive vampire lord-ish-ness and Eve’s determined pluckiness reminded me back before Raphael and Cyn had all this baggage.

The book follows a similar format to the others but really had me guessing along the way. Maybe moving to other countries is a good thing and will keep things interesting? Either way, I wish there was more book, but at the same time I’m happy we have a HEA for Quinn and Eve. These books could go on forever and I would just keep reading…

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