Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Review: The Anti-Cinderella

The Anti-Cinderella The Anti-Cinderella by Tawdra Kandle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading these books is like sitting down and watching the best, most addictive reality TV. They are filled with the gritty realness you love, but also tell a wonderful story, edited and beautifully orchestrated to leave you smiling by the end.

This story follows a passionate young woman as she confronts a lingering “what-if” in the most romantic way possible. Cara is in her final year of school, dedicated as ever to her sustainable cause, but essentially up in the air as to where she will end up for her future. Sure, her family owns a big company that will gladly welcome her into the fold upon graduation, but she seems a bit too unsettled to simply accept that. The necessary shake up happens when she gets set up by her grandparents in a spur of the moment dinner. Not out of the ordinary, Cara dutifully shows up dressed accordingly to discover her teenage crush was invited as well.

Nicky, said crush, also happens to be a member of the royal family. Oh, and he was her first kiss before disappearing into the wonderful world of non-stop T.V. coverage and royal family businesses. While these two should be destined to remain just good old friends, they somehow manage to beat the odds and dive into a relationship. This relationship had it all – sizzle, romance, and the inevitable rocky times that come with a life in the spotlight. Nobody said it would be easy!

These two were just wonderful to watch. They each discovered their faults, strengths, and loves together (and sometimes the hard way) and it was so… believable. A book about royalty seems to be the stuff of fairy tales but the author really created some very relatable characters here. As a side note – I even stayed in one of the hotels mentioned in the book and I was instantly transported back through the wonderful description included. These books easily grab me and don’t let go until they’re done. It’s that reason that I usually tear through them all in one sitting (ish). If you’re looking for a fun and unexpected romance, definitely pick this one up!

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