Monday, May 21, 2018

Review: Kitty in the Underworld

Kitty in the Underworld Kitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kitty continues to frustrate me with 100% of her decisions, but I will say, she’s a good character. That and the characters she surrounds herself with (except maybe in this one) will keep me reading this series until the bitter end.

This book begins with the mundane but quickly escalates into the typical Kitty adventure. Who knew that Ben going away on business would end up with Kitty in peril? I mean, sure, we all probably did, but it still was an engaging story. I admit to not reading the description at all before beginning this audiobook and was expecting something a bit more supernatural (actually involving the underworld, perhaps?) so this was almost a pleasant surprise. Kitty is still trying to move along the takedown of Roman (aka whateverwhatever) but is frustrated by the lack of progress by the long lived vampires in her ally force. After discovering where he may be, they all vote to just wait and see, which is probably why Kitty found herself ultimately kidnapped by a misfit group of fanatics.

This misfit group is made up of a vampire (who has some insane beliefs and is super old), a cat shifter (who was also maybe crazy, but less so), a magician (another crazy human woman), and a wolf shifter (who I think may have just been in it for his girlfriend, the cat). This group ends up tempting Kitty into investigating some strange scents and then getting knocked out. Trapped in a mine and subjected to some minor reprogramming (nothing Kitty hasn’t endured before, and then some), she is coopted into a ritual that is predicted to end Roman.

I have already said that I disagree with all of Kitty’s decisions. She’s really bad at them. If this had ended up panning out, I guess the series would have ended here, so, yeah, things end up going badly, as they usually do for Kitty. All in all, the only outcome of this book was a few wacky friends and some insane ramblings. Maybe that’s good for Kitty? I don’t even know what to expect anymore.

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