Sunday, February 11, 2018

Review: The X-Files: Cold Cases

The X-Files: Cold Cases The X-Files: Cold Cases by Joe Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I give this three nostalgic stars. I mostly picked this audiobook up because I was curious how we ended up at the start of the miniseries and was intrigued by the fact that all the original voices were going to be included on the audiobook. I was not prepared for the... play-esque feel to the whole thing. I'm used to your typical audiobook which is to say that it is just a book read aloud. This was definitely a full out script reading.

So as I said, this fills in the gap between I want to believe and the first round of miniseries. It also... rewrites some things? It's just a little bit bothersome when you start seeing all the people you know are dead suddenly popping up. I'm still confused about how we left things and how it ultimately hooks up to the miniseries. I know who is and isn't dead in the miniseries... don't I? Should I be expecting more familiar faces?

Overall, if you want some warm and fuzzy moments when you exclaim familiar story names and whatnot, this is definitely worth the short listen. Otherwise, you definitely don't need to pick this up in order to enjoy (eh?) the new episodes.

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