Monday, February 19, 2018

Review: Dragon's Guard

Dragon's Guard Dragon's Guard by Eva Chase
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is clearly the first book of what is meant to be a continuous story series. It does a really good job of introducing us to a world that couples old-world type paranormal tribes with modern concerns. There is definitely not resolution to the story by the end and I would warn against expecting some sort of solid ending going in to this book.

Ren is a woman who has learned not to trust just about anyone. The people she does let into her life have definitely earned their place. She was homeschooled and raised exclusively by her mother who suddenly disappears. Leaving her to fend for herself, Ren is forced to skirt the law to make money. She's especially geared towards being a thief, though, because she has strange sneaking abilities. Couple that with her love of getting air jumping off ledges and she's a unique type of girl. While celebrating her birthday she suddenly finds herself kidnapped and thrown into a world where shifters are real and Ren is attracted to a bunch of men she just met.

She's not only exposed to shifters, but apparently she is a dragon shifter herself. Nobody's sure why she can't shift, but she is the only person left alive who can unit the shifter races. So - what else can get thrown on her shoulders? Well there's this sudden polyamorous coupling, finding her mom, juggling a "normal" friendship she's determined to hang on to, and running from killer vampires. Oh, and the fated mate drama just keeps climbing. I almost feel like this book ends suddenly, having only learned a little bit about Ren's history, eagerly on the way to find out what happened to her mom.

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