Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review: Under Suspicion

Under Suspicion Under Suspicion by Hannah Jayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, we are heading back into the realm of awesomeness that the first book of the series really captured for me. There’s a definite shift from “crying-all-the-time Sophie” into this “crying-less-but-still-getting-really-hurt Sophie” that I liked a lot. Yes, she still pines over the annoying jerky angel, but with Will in the mix, I forgave her those moments of weakness.

I guess I expected this book to show Sophie being awesome in her new position, tracking fallen angels, but there is maybe one or two sentences around it and nothing more. Instead, this book shows Sophie realizing that a shockingly large percentage of her clients are suddenly missing (or dead, or missing and then found dead). While she’s alarmed by this, it looks like her largely vampire management is not dedicating the necessary resources to finding the killer.

At the same time, Nina is still awesome, but seriously distracted with an obsession about becoming a writer and dating a writer. Normal, right? Except for the fact that said writer makes a living proving that vampires and other supernaturals don’t exist. I guess their differences will make their romance interesting. The murder-mystery aspect of the story wasn’t exactly surprising, but did keep the plot moving along. I was happy to see Sophie start to become more of her own independent character (and have some sexy times), so I will keep my fingers crossed that it continues in the next book. For such a tough woman, she certainly falls apart an awful lot.

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