Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: Mark of the Moon

Mark of the Moon Mark of the Moon by Beth Dranoff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book knocked my socks off! I could not turn the virtual pages fast enough for my liking and yet was still completely sad when I reached the end and there was no more awesome book...

This book introduces Dana and right away, I fell in love. She's sarcastic, quirky, independent, damaged, and super tough. She's an ex-paranormal-fighter turned paranormal bar-bartender who prefers her men with no strings attached. Unfortunately for her, she appears to be the center of some pretty strange happenings. It all begins when her current vampire lover's ex (or current?) lover barges in on some bondage play. While tied up and unable to fight back, Dana ends up with a scratch from the partially shifted cat. This ends up putting her in a shifter hospital, where she meets some even more dangerous and alluring people, one of which pushes all her sexytime buttons.

There's the inevitable love triangle play, Dana's struggle with possibly becoming something she once captured, trying to keep everyone safe, failing to keep everyone safe, failing to keep herself safe, and a crapload of mystery and deception all rolled into one addictive book. I absolutely love where this world is taking me and cannot wait for more - there is more, right? I really want to see Dana's next step into her even more complicated life.

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