Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review: The Fox's Wager

The Fox's Wager The Fox's Wager by Tawdra Kandle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short story had all the bells and whistles! There was mystery, mayhem, and whole lot of sizzle!

Sionnach is a really good bad guy. She's a hired thief who can use her rather unique talents to get her into places no one else can go. When tasked with a job from her dying father figure, she simply cannot say no. This, however, leads her into "the hotel," a paranormal place where nothing is really as it seems. Oh, and there's also the small matter of a hunky Irishman trying to hunt her down.

Daeglan isn't about to wait around for his this whole "saving the world" thing to start, so he jumps at the chance to help recruit. This leads him to New Orleans, where the beguiling Sionnach resides. He eagerly follows her into the strangest of places and ultimately finds himself completely smitten. These two are a great couple to watch develop while hunting down the bad guys. Things are definitely looking good for team "save the world"!

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