Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Maggie on the Bounty

Maggie on the Bounty Maggie on the Bounty by Kate Danley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have I mentioned I’m loving these books? This is my third book in 2 days and I cannot get enough of the wild and crazy world of Maggie MacKay.

This book begins with a simple brunch with family and ends up throwing Maggie and Killian into a timey-wimey wibbly wobbly mess. These now official partners are the same sarcastic and wonderful pair that they’ve been for the previous books. Now that they’re working together, we get to see a bit more of the greedy side of Killian, which does not hurt my enjoyment of him at all. These two are quickly becoming my favorite couple, even if they continue to destroy my hopes and dreams by not hooking up (yet).

The mystery in this one has to do with vampires (tied to the big bad) showing up in times they aren’t supposed to while ghosts are notably missing where they are supposed to be. Throw in a ghost ship, some time paradoxes (paradoxi?) and you’ve got yourself an action-packed adventure for our fearless duo. Did I mention the amazing banter? This book is filled to the brim with fast-paced out of this world (literally) banter. I’m completely addicted.

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