Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: Maggie Get Your Gun

Maggie Get Your Gun Maggie Get Your Gun by Kate Danley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I freely admit it – I am binge reading these books. I can’t stop myself from purchasing one book after another and quickly devouring them. Sadly, work has been interrupting my reading time, but I will endeavor to push through!

We join Maggie after her victorious last case, where she rescued her father (who everyone thought was dead) and managed to defeat her evil uncle. Worried that Killian stayed away after that? Have no fear! Killian is just as present in this book as the last, so I happily got a good dose of awesome elf. Maggie is still her cursing, brawling, tracker self, complete with a case that turns her world upside-down. What starts as a simple enough case to recover an evil object spirals out of control in typical Maggie fashion. There’s a genie, some werewolves, some vampires, a devious con-man, a wise Chinese man, a meddling mom, and an awesome brownie in this book. Oh, and ghosts. Always with the ghosts.

I have learned to expect a story that goes this way and that before finding its final and happy conclusion. While we never really end up with 100% of the answers, we end up happy enough and it pushes me even further into Maggie’s wonderfully chaotic world. It’s like Mulder and Scully, if they were always stabbing things and cursing. I’m still rooting for a little romance action (just like Maggie’s mom), but I am oddly satisfied even if there isn’t any.

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