Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon #1)

Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon, #1)Heart Mates by Mary Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book had tons of sizzle and a wonderful blend of sarcastic silliness that really made me eager to dive in and never stop reading. Sure, there is a lot of smutty goodness, but who doesn't want some smut mixed in with their paranormal? Am I right???

Sophia is a "reformed" witch who is on a mission to find her missing aunt. She's left the witch life behind after some bad behavior and is very reluctant to even go near spelling supplies. When she comes upon an adorable little dog in her aunt's place (which was previously cats only), she can't help but stick around to look into this mystery a little further. Noah is trapped in Sophia's aunt's hex which makes him stay in mini-dog form (instead of the big bad werewolf form he usually takes). This wouldn't be so bad (especially the parts where he gets petted and snuggled by the sexy Sophia), but he's got a pack uprising to deal with and he can hardly handle challengers as a puppy.

These two have SIZZLING chemistry from the first time they lock eyes (as humans, not dog/witch), unfortunately the witch/shifter pairing is strictly forbidden. While these two try (a little) to keep their paws off each other, old witches from Sophia's past, awful pack members, and mysterious strangers keep ganging up to help or hurt this couple. The story takes a few twists and turns, but at the center of it all is a really sexy, silly, fun, and forbidden romance. These two characters have a lot of baggage to deal with, but fear not! There is a bunch of happiness to go around at the end.

If this is the successful start of a series, I wonder where it will go next. Do we get more characters getting their match? Will we see Noah's beta get hitched? I'm excited to see more of this fun and zany world.

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