Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Furry, Fluffy and Wild

Furry, Fluffy and WildFurry, Fluffy and Wild by Celia Kyle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Were What? by Celia Kyle
Lyla is trying to avoid her arranged mating by an overbearing alpha. Luckily, she literally runs right into her savior. He might not be a member of the pack, but he's able to stare down her would-be mate and protect her. After that massive display of manliness, why wouldn't Lyla fall into his arms? These two pair up in the most unlikely of situations and end up winning against all odds. This was a sexy, quick, fun read.

Blue Moon Rising by Nina Pierce
Jayda just wants to get over her cheating jerk of an ex. She wants a one-night stand that will help her put the jerk out of her mind. It seems like an easy task, especially because the shifters in the bar are eyeing her like candy. Only with her luck would she end up in a town that is actually under attack from said cheating ex. Cole ends up getting called to the bar by someone who notices the difference in Jayda, a stranger from out of town. Being the chief of police, he rushes over only to be completely ensnared by the beautiful stranger. The chemistry between these two is crazy, but they seem to go with it, even when some mysterious circumstances should keep them apart. This was full-fledged story, even though it was part of this anthology.

Beauty is a Beast by Tina Holland
I'm usually not one for futuristic (or historical) reads, but this was a little bit of both, which made it more palatable for some reason. We're in some sort future world where there's clans and shifters everywhere. Oh, and there's evil skinwalker bad guys running around. Nizhoni and Michael might be true mates, but there is a lot in the way of that actually becoming real.

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