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Review: Undeniable (The Serendipity Duet, #1)

Undeniable (The Serendipity Duet, #1)Undeniable by Tawdra Kandle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved this book! Reading this new book filled with Rafe and some other familiar faces from the King series is like running into your best friends for a night out on the town. As a fan, you're already familiar with the world, the characters, and most of the locales. I have been one of the people dying to hear what happened to poor old Rafe after Tasmyn stomped on his heart, crying for more Rafe in future books. It was so satisfying to watch him go on his own adventure in this book.

This book starts where Rafe and Tasmyn's story really separates. We get to see what Rafe does immediately following graduation all the way up past when he and Tasmyn cross paths again (sort of). Worried that this will just be a "fill in the blanks" type story? Don't be-- this book is jam packed with a completely original Rafe storyline and everything you've ever wanted to know about him. I will admit, Rafe kind of got painted as a sort of bad guy during Michael and Tasmyn's breakup, and the poor lovesick fool couldn't quite give her up even after it was painfully obvious that they weren't meant to be. Luckily, this book really gives you a deep look at Rafe's feelings and motivations, his family, and much much more -- it is sooooo good!

After graduation, Rafe goes on a bit of a girl and booze bender, hopping from city to city in search of a way to drown out his poor broken heart. In New Orleans, he finally makes a good decision and picks up a girl named Joss. I fell in love with her instantly, as I'm sure Rafe started to do as well. She's headstrong and tough enough to take even the sexy and sure Rafe on in a battle of seduction and innuendo. Yes, this book has sex. I don't think there could be a Rafe book without it (or at least not one that does his story justice). This book really convinced me how absolutely wrong Rafe and Tasmyn were as a couple. Rafe needs a strong partner, and as much as I love Tasmyn, that just isn't her.

The real story of this book (other than Rafe) is a bit of a continuation of the mission Tasmyn was on with Emma in a previous book. Rafe gets roped in (or convinced) by Joss to join the team and fully step into his good guy role. Together, Rafe and Joss they end up in more trouble than they could imagine, and we even get to see some familiar faces on the way. There's mystery and action coupled with some really heartwarming displays of affection. It had me smiling and laughing and on the edge of my seat the entire way through.

While this series is set in the same world as the King series, this book really is completely different. The writing style is still easy and quick, making the pages fly by without a thought, but it has a definite adult edge. It's filled with all the goodies a King series fan is hoping for with a few surprises I wasn't sure I could handle. I was rooting for Rafe every step of the way and am dying to read the next book! When does it come out???

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