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Review: Shifter Romance Boxed Set

Shifter Romance Boxed Set
Shifter Romance Boxed Set by Marina Maddix

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a really quick read about Bethany, a girl with relatively low self esteem who falls head over heels in lust with her new neighbor Max. Drawn to each other as if my magic (or mating instinct), they connect and there's tons of fireworks. Throw in the fact that he's a werebear and you've got yourself a solid paranormal romance read. There are your typical misunderstandings, self sacrificing behavior, and ultimately a HEA. This read was mostly a love story, with a little smut and action thrown in for good measure. 3 stars.

This was another bear shifter story, but instead of being more focused on the romance elements, this definitely veered into erotica territory (not that I'm complaining!). The sex scenes were sizzling and the chemistry between Abby and the man who shows up naked on her doorstep was through the roof. This book had a slightly more sci-fi take on your typical shifter story, so was unique in that respect. The danger that Abby finds herself in due to her new connection to the Omega corporation forces her to open up and face the fact that she might actually care for someone. This was a fun and sexy read. 3 stars.

Wow, my favorite so far! I'm immediately adding Celia Kyle to my favorite authors list! This story was about a woman who decides on a one-night stand in a lion shifter party that turns into so much more than that. The writing style was fun and realistically gritty. The level of erotica and story was perfect! While the story itself was short, it was addictive enough to get me to read it in one sitting. 4 stars

Selena is a shifter in the sense that she can change her entire body appearance, but not turn into an animal. Using this skill to make herself into the perfect escort, she's now a rather wealthy woman. Anthony, her date for one evening, however, throws a kink into her plans when he makes her wish for more. She's desperate to prove that he'll love her for who she is, not who he "ordered" through her service. It was a good, quick read. 3 stars.

A brother/sister (sort of) team of somewhat paranormals enter a new town under some questionable terms. This town has witches and shapeshifters lurking around every corner. Shannon ends up being romanced by the two most alpha members of the town. This, of course, ends with lots of drama, but ultimately gives a sort of HEA. 3 stars.

This is the first book in a series that shows some real promise. I can't say I've ever read a book about a blind werewolf before. Julia is a librarian who has some pretty big self doubts. Damien is a blind werewolf who is shocked to find that his mate is a human. The sparks fly and we get a unique take on the whole "mate" thing with a "calling" that shares each others emotions and feelings. I hope the main character starts to get more assertive in the future installments, but this was a great start. 3 stars.

Brandon and Fiona are adorable teen sweethearts. One day, while hiking (at night) they see the dam breaking in their town -- that's when this story takes a turn towards something darker. Brandon saves Fiona, only to wash away in the flood that wipes out the town and most of the inhabitants. While at college, she swears she sees Brandon return, but is he real? Is he the same? Obviously it involves a shifter and was pretty short, but the adorableness made up for it. 3 stars.

Lacey is newly married to Mark, a scientist who was involved in an unfortunate lab accident that changes him. Turn out, hiding this information from him because the sex is so hot ends up changing her too. There is a lot of smut, the story involves government conspiracies, and there's a bit of swapping and M/F/M. It was definitely a new spin on the old werewolf story. 3 stars

A cat lover and her boyfriend go through some pretty big changes together. He gets offered a job in Italy. She starts to become a cat. In this story we learn that some guys are willing to overlook their girlfriend becoming a cat (and living with 15 cats in a basement apartment) if the sex is hot enough. 3 stars

Paige and Caleb have known enough other since high school and have never acted on their attraction. After running into each other on the job, they decide to take the plunge. Unfortunately, Caleb has been doing more than just spying on her. He's also been hiding the fact that he's a high ranking shifter, which puts Paige in a bit of trouble. This was a solid read, with some good steamy scenes. 4 stars

This was a Romeo and Juliet story about a cougar shifter and a psychic who are forbidden to mate with one another, but we are driven mad if they don't. Lucas finds him self trapped in a cell with only his dreamwalking mate to keep him company. Kira is trying to fight fate, but can't resist rescuing Lucas from his prison. Together they sizzle and explode, filling the pages of this story with some pretty hot action. It left me wanting to know more about this world and curious about the rest of the series. 4 stars

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