Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: How to Date a Dragon

How to Date a Dragon
How to Date a Dragon by Ashlyn Chase

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book combines a firefighter hottie with a paranormal, and pairs him with a sarcastic and stubbornly tough chick. It's a combination of things I love in paranormal tales, and it really delivers!

Bliss (yeah, I know, the name really killed me) is a greeting card writer/designer who is hoping that being a finalist in a reality show is just the break she'll need to make her business take off. Unfortunately, a fire in her apartment building ends up torching her plans (literally, because she doesn't back up her work online). Lucky for her, dragon shifter Drake is the firefighter who saves her and promptly falls for her, too.

While the romance in this one was a bit quicker and didn't really involve destined mates, I really enjoyed the witty banter and sexy times. The big bad plot was focused and easy to follow with mother nature returning to play a sort of narrator role. Fun times, good laughs, and the paranormals you met in the first one combine in this second installment to surpass the first. I think this trilogy has really hit its stride and can't wait to read book 3!

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