Sunday, February 2, 2020

Review: Hero's Haven

Hero's Haven Hero's Haven by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm obsessed with this series and am eagerly gobbling up each installment. With each book we get closer to a big battle, but, don't worry, we're not there yet, so we get more!

This book revolves around Quade and his super duper reluctant mate, Haven. We met both these characters before, when things were looking dire and unsolvable. Things have only gotten worse from there and Haven's "insanity" has manifested in some pretty real ways. The most recent of which involves her pulling Quade into her world. The action just doesn't stop at all after that. There's just about every good guy and bad guy chasing these two while they somehow find a way to develop a relationship.

So, yeah, there is that whole fated mates business, but I enjoyed watching the tough warrior and the artsy painter find common ground and super duper sexy times. As far as larger storyline, we get more from the big bad, more from Hope, a quick check in with all our favorites in the Realm, and lots of Seven business. I wouldn't say this is the best place to join this series, but I'm sure these could survive as standalones (but why? This series is the best!). I'm looking forward to all the future installments and generations we get as we move along this large storyline.

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