Saturday, June 29, 2019

Review: I See Us

I See Us I See Us by Meghan Ciana Doidge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my god, this had better not be the last we see of Beau and Rochelle! I'm both happy and sad that I'm done with this one. I'm glad that these two kids who've been knocked around have finally found a path all their own but I am so, so sad to say goodbye. Is this goodbye? I don't like not knowing...

We join Rochelle in the aftermath of having sent Blackwell off with Jade and her merry band of badasses. She knew there would be repercussions but I guess she always assumed he would be there for her. Maybe it's better if he's not, because since his disappearing act, she's grown a lot. She's been doing her Oracle thing, living in what may really be the closest thing to a permanent home she's ever had, and even raising chickens! Of course, things are never simple and her HEA is not here yet. She gets a startling vision of a demon coming and, to make matters more confusing, she's also tasked with some sort of legacy from her mom.

Do we get new characters? You betcha! There's a new witch that ends up bringing the legacy to Rochelle, and she's pretty neat. We also get some kids and shifters thrown in to round out the possible body count in this madness. While we learn a bit about Rochelle's past, the big whammy comes in the form of a long lost relative. No, things don't go well. Yes, we do get some great resolution. Yes, we lose a pretty big main character. No, I didn't cry, but I almost did!

Overall, as a wrap-up to this Oracle trilogy, it leaves things in a good place. I could read 20 more of these and still just be chugging along. Sadly, also, the next series is not yet audio, so I will be moving infinitely slower through those. I was hoping we would loop back around and get more Desmond or pack business, but, alas, that will have to wait until later (I hope!). Bye, Rochelle and Beau!

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