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Review: Drakon's Knight

Drakon's Knight Drakon's Knight by N.J. Walters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When all the original brothers ended up matched up with their mates, I sadly thought that was the last I would see of this wonderful world. Lucky for us - there are more drakons out there! I mean, it's bad for them, because it means that they haven't yet met their brothers and realized how awesome they all are, but we'll get there.

Jericho is a member of his own little family. Grouped together in a company, which just happens to be a group of mercenaries for hire, he's made his own way in this world. They're bikers, they're tough, and they have a mission that they are all too happy to complete - kill the leader of the Knights of the Dragon. We've been watching this overall story unfold by seeing the political scrambling happening with the Knights. All their plans go up in smoke (haha, get it? They're drakons) when Jericho immediately recognizes Karina (leader of the Knights) as his mate.

Karina has more going on than we knew. I think we can all agree that she should have been killed, knowing what we knew going into this book. Of course, nothing is ever that clear or straightforward in their world. There is a lot going on in the first half of this book - motives are all called into question and Karina is somewhat absolved of her actions prior to meeting these drakons. I think each of the brothers represents a way we handle this news - skeptical, accepting, and/or with outright hatred. It's unfair! I mean, I got there, but it seems unfair overall.

Of course, we get a lot of Knights drama, a lot of smutty happy times, and the usual misunderstandings and martyrdom. In the end, though, we get to watch all the worlds collide in a fabulous way. I guess we have even more stories headed our way, and I'm happy for that!

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