Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review: Real Vampires Do It in the Dark

Real Vampires Do It in the Dark Real Vampires Do It in the Dark by Amy Fecteau
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book of this series, so much so that it got one of my coveted 5 star ratings. This book does not feel as good as the first one, but it’s still not that bad. You definitely need to start with book 1, and maybe I did myself a disservice by having such a long time between reading that one and this book.

We join Matheus right after Quin gives up on him. He leaves him in a cemetery where he proceeds to whine and mope for way too long a time. While he is floundering in his new vampire life, he ends up being confronted by some old frenemies who turn into much more and some old friends who end up surprising him in really horrible ways. Somehow, Matheus ends up becoming a player in the supernatural game without even trying (and sometimes trying to avoid it).

The big bad in this story (aside from Matheus’s crappy attitude) is Appollonia, who is the current ruler of the vampire world. I guess Matheus should have probably tried to avoid pissing her off, but he has a special aptitude for being a pain. I felt like this book was definitely leading somewhere and setting up future books rather than really being a standalone. I’ll definitely see where this is headed, but wish we could have avoided just a little bit of the whining.

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