Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: Blake's Pursuit

Blake's Pursuit Blake's Pursuit by Tina Folsom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to say, the Blake that we get in this "fast-forward" set of Scanguards books is totally not the Blake that I used to hate on in the original set. He's grown up in a big way, and thank goodness, because this book was 100% him (OK... maybe there was a little Wes, too, but that's probably just because he had to set up the crossover).

In the previous book we learned that Blake moved his way through security and is now the guy in charge of guarding everyone's children. It seems like a momentous task, but he appears up for the job. We also learn that he is somehow plugged in to their side business, Vuber, the vampire ride company. When one of the drivers goes missing, he immediately tries to help locate the missing woman. That's where his path crosses with Lilo.

Lilo might be a famous writer, but she still keeps in touch with her longtime BFF. Said BFF also happens to be the missing woman that Blake is trying to track down. When she finds out that her friend missed her mother's birthday, she knows something is wrong and immediately flies out to try to figure out what is wrong. After sort-of breaking into her apartment, she's quickly attacked, then just as quickly saved by Blake. While there is a little bit of tension between the two of them, they are willing to put aside differences to track down their mutual friend. The only problem is that Lilo is not exactly "in the know" about vampires.

While hiding his secret isn't anything new to Blake, it quickly becomes an issue as their earlier tension grows into attraction. Blake even begins to recognize the signs of Lilo possibly being his mate. There is a whole lot of sizzle from this couple (as is to be expected from a Scanguards book) but we also get a larger mystery in the form of some new crime-spree happening in the city. As the two stories converge, don't worry, we still find our way to a happy ending for everyone.

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