Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review: Feverborn

Feverborn Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's really hard to rate this book because in my opinion it was just filler. There is no solid resolution to... anything. That being said, the moments when we get to see the inner workings of Barrons and Mac's relationship are worth reading just about anything.

This book fills the time between the previous book and what can only become a final showdown for one of the numerous plots we are juggling. There's the black holes that are scattered around Dublin, the new member of the nine (ten?), Mac's backpack discovery, Cruce, WeCare, a certain someone who is back from the dead, Jada's friend, the Dancer/Ryodan/Dani(Jada) love triangle, Mac's relationship with the book, Lor and his girlfriend (?), the Unseelie Princess, Kat's journey, the people at the college... this list goes on and one. I'm a little concerned about all of this wrapping up in a nice neat package at the end of the series if we keep introducing more and more storylines. I wish there was a 8.5 book that just dealt with all the fallout from the Highlanders (we need that, right? Please tell me we are going to get to see at least some of it?). I'd even take a spinoff at this point so we could properly address all the open questions.

This book took us through a lot of the things that I thought were good and done with and then tinkered. There were a lot of parallels in this book to the original series that got me very worried. I liked where we left things in the series (other than, you know, the world in post-apocalyptic mode) and it makes me very anxious to have all these finished storylines now questioned in some really big ways. As a side note - how on earth could someone be expected to join the series at this point? There is no way you could possibly follow along (I even have some memory gaps I have to fill). So, aside from my gigantic fear that nothing will get resolved (which really happened in this book) and that all my happy memories of the series will be washed away (please don't), we moved forward a little bit with the Cruce storyline and we got to watch Mac and Barrons have sex. If those are things that you want to read about, then this book will get a great review from you. If you want to see the bigger storylines move forward at a noticeable rate, wait until the next book comes out so you can power through two (assuming that one doesn't just fill the gap waiting for the final book).

This might sound like a bad review, but really I'm just worried. I love this world and the characters but there is so much up in the air that could drastically change the way I view the first few books now. Please don't ruin a series that I really love re-reading! I'm hoping for a less anxiety filled book next time (which I will, of course, read, just like any other books in this world she publishes).

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