Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Brazen

Brazen Brazen by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is so nice to be able to dive back into the world that Kelley Armstrong built. While Elena and Clay are still some of my favorite wolves to follow, Nick is definitely up there. Here, we get to watch the newly "grown up" Nick settling into his life, complete with some pretty hefty responsibilities.

The story begins with Nick pretty much turning down some sex. For any other character, it might not be so startling, but for Nick it was a big change. It has been some time coming, what with his acceptance of essentially becoming a foster father for the new younger generation of pack members. Along with these responsibilities comes the task of coordinating the hunt for Malcolm. This whole Malcolm storyline is endlessly frustrating with near misses galore. This story, however, had all the makings of a good Malcolm capture. Nick's hired the best set of mercenaries and given them all they need to track down the pack's bogeyman.

Vanessa is the half-demon leading the hunt for Malcolm. She's been so driven that she can't seem to make time for romance, until Nick walks into her life. Sure, they get off on the wrong foot, but with Malcolm being... Malcolm, these two are forced to spend a lot of time in close quarters. What seems like it might have been another one-night-stand for the infamous Nick Sorrentino actually ends up being something completely different. That's the only type of HEA we get, though, sadly.

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