Saturday, November 4, 2023

Warrior’s Hope

Warrior's Hope (Dark Protectors, #16)Warrior's Hope by Rebecca Zanetti
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I can’t believe we got to the end of this story! It seems like just yesterday that all the main characters were children hanging out, and now they’re all leading teams of warriors! Weird, also, that with vampires and demons everyone gets to seems around the same age as their parents.

So, we knew eventually Hope would have to choose. This story has been building for books and books so to get the full impact, I’d recommend heading back to the beginning (maybe not the very beginning, but at least when this story arc starts with the seven). Hope has known all her life that she will have a role to play in defeating Ulric. He’s the big bad here that has officially been loosed on the world and has resumed his favorite pastime of stealing women who are possible mates. While Hope still believes in the good of her childhood friend, Drake, who is leading their enemies, her other BFF, Paxton knows that Drake is up to no good. It probably doesn’t help his case, though, that Paxton’s been in love with Hope for as long as he can remember.

This story starts with a big reveal about how Paxton has been spending his “research time” and how that impacts the safety of everyone involved. This single reveal and the ramifications end up leading us toward the stunning conclusion here. Don’t worry, though, we get lots of steamy goodness as Hope *finally* starts to see Paxton as a grown man. I admit - this was a struggle for me, but I got there by the end. We get everything you’ve wanted all along the previous books jammed into this one - Drake’s true nature revealed, Paxton’s true nature revealed, the Seven finally doing their Seven stuff, the keys doing their key stuff, rebellions, undercover relatives, and so much more! After all the build up, this was so very satisfying in the end.

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