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Havoc Under the Hunter’s Moon

Havoc Under the Hunter’s Moon (Black Rock Guardians #2)Havoc Under the Hunter’s Moon by Susanna Strom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m really enjoying this world and definitely recommend starting at book 1 if you are considering starting here. The setup in the first book is what made this book so much “easier” to settle into. If you are set on plowing through, there’s probably enough to catch up, but it won’t be as rewarding a payoff.

Annika is the sister with some baggage from the previous book in the worst way. She was forced to kill a man to defend her family and now she’s got to live with that. She’s also got to live with a “babysitter” from the pack who is not exactly the best counter worker at their bakery. It also doesn’t help that they are dancing around each other, pretending that the attraction doesn’t exist. Thing shift into high gear when Courtney reappears and ups the threat level. The pack does what they do and locks the sisters down in the complex, but the threats just keep coming.

Being the kind hearted person that she is, Annika can’t just sit there while folks get injured protecting her. Zane, in ultra-protect mode, is along for the ride here. It was really fun to watch Annika smooth Zane’s rough edges and ultimately made them both better for it. We get our HEA here, but beware - there is a definite cliffhanger. This book honestly could have ended at the HEA and I’d be happy but we resolve most if not all the book loose ends, aside from the cliffhanger stuff. Fair warning if that upsets you, you might want to wait to dig in here until the next one is in your hands.

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