Sunday, November 26, 2023

Blood Heir

Blood Heir (Aurelia Ryder, #1; World of Kate Daniels, #13)Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a terrible fan of Kate Daniels because I didn’t even know this came out. Once discovered, however, I dove right in!

If you are up to date with the Kate books and spinoffs, you know that something is going on with Julie. Turns out that after teaming up with Kate’s aunt, she determines that she needs to try to undo a mystical prophecy about someone out to kill Kate. Since Kate is essentially Julie’s mother, she tries to hit the magical big bad head on, but doesn’t exactly get the results she is after. All this is summarized nicely in the story at the end of the book (maybe skip there first?), but what we are left with is a Julie who has no recognizable face and no recognizable scent. Throw this all together with the fact that she didn’t really stop the prophecy and instead just delayed it a little. Oh, and the prophecy has a caveat that she can’t tell Kate, so don’t hold out hopes for all the fun visits we’d like to see between these two.

What do we get, though? We get Julie, forced to navigate her old hometown but without the connections she used to have. Sure, some folks are OK to let in on the secret, but even her long lost love ends up not showing any sign of recognizing her. These two tiptoe around one another in an adorable and wonderful way. That was definitely a highlight. While, again, we are no able to fully stop things that are set in stone in this book, we do make a good nudge towards resolution. Oh, and there’s a whole big story about a magical artifact and cookies and self-important hyenas.

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