Saturday, July 3, 2021

Dark Divide

Dark Divide (Cormac and Amelia Story)Dark Divide by Carrie Vaughn
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I've read all the Kitty books, so I'm familiar with Cormac Bennett. Even if you're not, though, these short stories seem to be standalone mostly. As a Kitty fan, though, I recommend going back and starting from the beginning to get the full story.

So, that being said, we join Cormac and his... internal consciousness (?) Amelia. They are working together, which is weird, but no weirder than other things in this world. Since he's a vanilla human with hunting/detective work experience and she is a wizard with no body, they balance each other's skills out and make a good "team" of private investigators. Through word of mouth, they end up with jobs, like the one in this short book.

Donner Pass is the setting of a mysterious starving incident with a local ranger. Even with all the tools to survive, he somehow perished, leading the surviving member of his team to reach out for some "unconventional" expertise in the form of Cormac and Amelia. I have to admit that I wasn't really sure what these Cormac/Amelia stories would entail - isn't he just talking in his own head the whole time? Well, let me correct my misassumption - this book is a great, quick read that acts as a paranormal detective story with some unique elements.

The mystery itself, which not earth shattering (or world ending, like other Kitty things), was still fun. It was interesting to meet all the locals in this area, hear about the quirks and weirdness, and watch Cormac become some of what he was when we originally met him (minus the guns). He and Amelia are a team I could definitely get behind.

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