Sunday, July 18, 2021

Million Dollar Demon

Million Dollar Demon (The Hollows, #15)Million Dollar Demon by Kim Harrison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm in this for the long haul, so at book 15 I will happily keep reading these for forever.

Disclaimer - I'm not sure you can dive in at this point. Go back to start, do not collect $200, this world is too developed to join in the middle (?). This book starts with Rachel, still with Trent, but he conveniently has to go out of town with the kids and his almost ex-wife. Their departure sets up Rachel to be almost back to her old ways. She's got Jenks and they are hunting for a new place together because the new master vampire is blocking all efforts to repair and make their church livable. Ivy checks in, but is less involved than Trent at this point in the story. While we certainly have enough vampires, we don't get our favorite one.

So, what's going on with Rachel? Well, Al and her are still not in a good place because of his recently resurfaced and controversial brother. She's also somehow become a bit of a symbol in the city. When this new master vampire, Constance, shows up, all the loosely organized paranormal faction end up looking to her to stop the madness. Does she? Well, yeah, but it's messy and happens in your typical Rachel way, complete with losses and yet somehow worth it. Do we get big resolution of larger storylines (e.g. gargoyle soul related) - no. This was almost like a roadtrip book. Self contained but set deeply in this world with all the baggage that comes along with.

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