Saturday, June 26, 2021

Pride and Paranormal

Pride and Paranormal (Souls and Shadows #1)Pride and Paranormal by Adrienne Blake
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OK, full disclosure - I've never read Pride & Prejudice. That being said, I don't think that is a pre-requisite for reading this book. If you enjoy paranormal romance with a bit of a historical feel to it - this is a book for you.

Izzy is a member of a bit of a manic family of witches. Her father is going through some financial trouble reconciling his early retirement with the non-paranormal demand for income. Her sisters are either getting into trouble, heartsick from romance, or reading a lot (and doing karaoke). Her mother is obsessed with marrying them off. Oh, and her distant relation is creeping on her and her sisters. All of this gets to a boil when Fitz and his friend/business partner move into an old house in town. Said friend and business partner ends up being part of the heartsick sister's story, but we generally care more about the annoyingly romantic Fitz.

Izzy and Fitz immediately do not hit it off. It's almost like hate at first sight, coupled with oodles of gossip, rumors, and general badness. It takes a lot of very random and seemingly unconnected interactions to get them to not hate one another (it even involves a dragon at one point!). There is a lot of build up to a romance that, I have to admit, I was a little put off by. Perhaps it is because this is supposed to be a paranormal retelling of a book I've never read, but it seemed to be a bit abrupt and... historical-feeling, the romance of this story. Assuming that is your preference for books, you should have no issue with the romantic elements in this book. As a book #1, we certainly meet enough characters (I didn't even touch on the vampire storyline!) to carry on a series for several installments. There is a lot of set up in this initial book that I can tell we will do a deeper dive into all the other characters in the future.

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