Saturday, April 18, 2020

Review: The Witchkin Murders

The Witchkin Murders The Witchkin Murders by Diana Pharaoh Francis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm usually not one for dystopian futures, but this book really drew me in from the start. I liked Kayla and found this world super interesting.

This book is about the start of Kayla's journey. She was forced to give up the thing she loved most - her job with the police, when it turned out that the magical d-day made her into what she sees as a monster. Since the police force is tasked with fighting these "monsters," she quits with very little explanation. This leaves her partner justifiably angry. Ray, said partner, also has some secrets of his own, once of which is the candle he's got burning for her.

A couple witchkin (magical folk) murders ends up putting these two together, forcing them to face and resolve their issues or, quite literally, die. While Kayla's decisions were sometimes questionable, her growth in this book had me rooting for her, especially in the end. She's like a whole new person, and I'm eager to see where she ultimately ends up. The big bad in this book is mostly vanquished, though if you ask me to explain who or what it was, I think I might fail. The world building was great, though, and I love all the side characters (Logan in particular). As a starter book for a series, this checks all the boxes and has me ready for more.

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