Sunday, April 5, 2020

Review: Lupine

Lupine Lupine by Serena Dracis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a unique spin on your typical werewolf story with a healthy dose of sexual sizzle.

Alisa is a tough as nails attorney for environmental causes in her day job and a fun party girl at night. These two personas end up clashing when she discovers the hottie she was eyeballing is her new employer and the person heading what could be her dream cause. Geremy is trying to find a safer home for some wolves currently in a sanctuary. This gets a bit personal when we find out that he and most of his coworkers are a form of werewolf, the wolf halves of which are house across the veil.

Alisa and Geremy's romance is a little bit fated mate, and a whole lot sexual chemistry. They dance around one another, guided by the werewolf equivalent of a god (I think). They are further pushed towards one another by the endless danger Alisa finds herself in (sometimes pretty graphic). The political drama that drives the rival wolves to go after her end up going way too far, even for bloodthirsty wolves in most stories. While we get some resolution here, this book definitely is set up as the beginning of something more, coming to a critical turning point just at the end. I'd be interested to see where this all ends up.

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