Thursday, April 9, 2020

Review: Reign of Monsters

Reign of Monsters Reign of Monsters by S.M. Reine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shatter Cage is the hero I didn't realize I needed. He is such a good guy!

We join this world, already in progress. If you didn't read book #1 - what are you doing here? Go back and start there (or, better yet, at the beginning of this whole universe, because it's awesome). He and his ex had... a misunderstanding... that left Cage off with the hero cult that adopted him and his ex with some super shady characters. Cage is clearly the star of the show, in that he is completely delusional but you can't stop yourself from rooting for him.

The overall story this time revolves around Cage and who he can/cannot trust. There's bad stuff happening to the less wealthy citizens of this post-apocalyptic world, and, of course, Cage is trying to help them. There's also bad stuff happening to magical artifacts that sometimes involve Cage stealing them. This ends up biting Cage in the end, but not before there are oodles of twists, turns, and betrayal along the way. Throughout, the gel that holds the goo of this world together, is the characters. Vex in particular are shining examples of the awesomeness that is Cage's magnetism for great people. Sure, they're all flawed, but great none the less. In the end, here, I'm even more committed to Team Cage and cannot wait to see where he takes us next time.

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