Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Review: Bloodlines and Broomsticks

Bloodlines and Broomsticks Bloodlines and Broomsticks by Robyn Bachar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so glad I continued on with this series. This book is so much better than book#1 and gave me some more enjoyable characters, while still building in this world. You could probably start here if you really wanted to, but as a series, I'm sure it will all connect in the next book even more than in this one.

This book introduces us to the mysteriously untrained magical family of the previous liaison between the fae and human worlds. In the last book, I didn't really understand why she wouldn't have trained her family in magic, but we don't really get that answer here. Instead, we watch Riley, newly introduced to the magical world, be tasked with trying to train for a fight she is woefully unprepared for. She's got her own baggage from her somewhat recent divorce, trying to make her own way when she gets this extra burden. Oh, and people start trying to kill her.

During the first real attempt on her life, she escapes through a mirror, only to be accidentally struck down by a shifter. There's all sorts of badness and prejudice associated with shifters, so this makes Riley's life even harder (ugh). But, bonus, she gets a shifter bodyguard who used to be a sorcerer assigned to her. So - why did I enjoy this book more than the previous one? The magic just seemed more fun. The love interest was not a horrible person. Riley was way more enjoyable and, well, I am kind of on her team in whatever fight that may ensue. Bring on the next book!

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