Monday, July 8, 2019

Review: Nice Girls Don't Live Forever

Nice Girls Don't Live Forever Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ugh, this is the transition book I’ve been dreading! I’ve been hoping that Gabriel and Jane can just push everything under the rug. Sure, he’s been hiding a lot from her, but having read my fair share of paranormal romance, I know it is in some stupid martyr fashion in one way or another. Jane, unfortunately, does not know that, and she makes a huge issue out of some woman writing him love letters in the present tense. Sigh.

On top of that (because Jane never gets a break), she’s got a frantic BFF who is about to become a dad for the first time (with a werewolf bride), and she’s also become the focus of the crazy stalker lady previously mentioned. This book may have been the insane and wild ride that the band of misfits needed to firmly cement them all together. Andrea might argue against that, though.

This group of friends/family has been so wonderful to watch grow and develop that I was blissfully happy when we end up with some changes but not enough to throw the train off the tracks. As I’ve said for all the previous ones, the high points in all of these is the wonderful dialogue and relationship development. I’d read 100 of these books!

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