Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review: Zone of Action: A Career Soldier Military Romance

Zone of Action: A Career Soldier Military Romance Zone of Action: A Career Soldier Military Romance by Tawdra Kandle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These books are sexy, sizzling, super fun bite-sized stories that will leave you grinning. In this book, we follow Jake on his journey from super bachelor to inadvertently committed man.

Jake is part of the crew that went out every weekend, hooking up with different willing women each night. This seemed to be the type of life that made him happy until one seemingly normal outing to a bar introduced him to Harper. Remember Harper? If you don’t, you’re missing out on another good story. Harper used to room with Sam (another soldier’s soon-to-be-wife from another book). Sure, they’re still BFFs, but they don’t really get to see each other much due to Harper’s demanding career as a chef. On her rare nights off, she likes to blow off steam in exactly the same way as Jake.

This is where the dirty time begins. Harper refreshingly and bluntly picks up Jake after he introduces himself and they quickly progress to the one-night-stand portion of the evening. So what’s different? They both know there could be more, but ignore it in favor of their seemingly simple lifestyles… until they re-meet at Sam’s party. From there, it was really fun to watch them dance around their growing feelings and altered attitudes. This HEA was particularly satisfying and I’m happy I got to read it.

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