Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review: The Immortal Hunter

The Immortal Hunter The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book continues on with the storyline introduced in Argeneau#10/RogueHunter#1. We might have met Decker last time, but this book is all about him. What starts out as a chance to hunt down his ex-partner/now-rogue grows into something much more complicated. We meet the no-fangers (who we might have been introduced to before) and see what happens when one doesn't successfully make the change.

Decker tries to do his job, even though going after his ex-partner has to have oodles of emotional baggage along for the ride. Lucky for him, he is soon swept away in the insanity that is finding your life mate. Dani isn't exactly in the right place to be wooed when she meets Decker. Sure, he takes a few bullets for her, but her sister has just been kidnapped (again) by some crazies and they have no real way of knowing where they are going or even if she is safe. An uneasy alliance is formed between her and some people who might be less crazy than the kidnappers.

The overall story of the crazy no-fangers and the kidnapping doesn't truly get resolved at the end of this book, leaving it feeling a little unfinished. Even the romance, while we get a HEA-ish, it seemed super rushed towards the end. I'm hoping the next book in this series delivers some good tying up of loose ends because there are now a lot of characters running around that need to be tracked down. Everyone seemed entirely too good with how things are being left in a rush and I'd like to see some of them address the lives they abandoned for their life mates.

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