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Review: A Little Night Magic

A Little Night Magic A Little Night Magic by Angie Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This short story anthology contained a mix of stories from the Demon Slayer world and the Southern Ghost one. I don’t think you really need to have read the series before, but it would help you get maximum enjoyment out of them.
A Ghostly Gift:
This is a short and sweet read to fill the gap between book 1 & 2 of this series. I highly recommend reading the series in order so you don't get accidentally spoiled.

Verity is still scraping along, but happily occupying her own home. She may have upgraded from ramen dinners to her sister's takeout "leftovers," but she is still lacking in the regular job department. While playing chess with her ghost BFF (as one does), her sister gives her a lead on a possible job offer. No, it doesn't involve using her graphic design skills. Instead, it uses her supposedly secret ghost management skills. She and Frankie take off for a second hand store that is being "broken in to" by ghosts.

This has a bit of a love story edge to it when Verity begins to solve this mystery. There are misunderstandings, lovers torn apart, and oodles of ghosts. I'm loving this world more and more with each new story installment.

Ghost of a Chance:
This was another short story set in the world of Verity Long, (secret) ghost whisperer extraordinaire. The ghost we met in a previous tale comes back to ask a favor of Verity, who is very short on both time and money to help. Luckily, this one overlaps with a paying gig at a party and allows her to give a little bit of a gift to a pair of ghosts that are made for one another.

When she shows up to a party expecting a simple discussion, you know things are going to go wrong. Nothing is ever simple for Verity. While there was a distinct lack of her maybe-sorta-boyfriend, the story made up for it in familiar ghost faces. This was a cute redemption and reconciliation tale to read around the holidays.

Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo:
This really wasn’t that short a story to me. It had all the makings of a heart-wrenching book that gave the reader a good rollercoaster ride through the life of Amie Baptiste.

Amie is the owner of a voodoo shop that specialized in love. It only makes sense that she is the one most desperately in need of it herself. After a lot of bickering, she finally listens to her mythical pet and works some magic on herself. Somewhere along the line, she ends up wishing for a specific dream man and not just some hypothetical one. Much to her surprise, he shows up naked and sort of a zombie.

Dante is Amie’s dream man, but she is terrified to admit it. He worked some magic after his death to make sure that he could be called back to life by his one true love. It seems pretty clear to him, but it is an uphill battle to convince Amie that they were meant to be. She’s got to take a leap and believe that he will catch her. These two have to really work at their HEA, but it is completely satisfying in the end.

I Brake for Biker Witches:

This was a super quick trip down memory lane. Lizzie is on the road between jobs when she and the biker witches run into a ghost from their past. They are literal ghosts because that’s the kind of life Lizzie leads. Even after death, though, life isn’t easy for members of Lizzie’s gang. She’s got to step in to defend the afterlife of said ghosts in a battle showdown unlike any other.

Date With a Demon Slayer:
This was a cute, funny, short read that gives you a little yummy taste of the series that made me smile. It can easily be read in a few hours and is 100% pure enjoyment.

Lizzie and Dimitri are trying to celebrate their anniversary with a minimum of drama. This, of course, does not go as planned. How can they possibly expect to have a relaxing evening when their family of biker witches is right down the road? Their “normal” dinner turns into their more typical evening when they discover a dangerous haunting happening in the restaurant/inn. Though there is some excitement and magic, our favorite couple ends up celebrating their anniversary in the only way possible for a Demon Slayer and a Griffin. Oh, and Pirate helps in his own special way, too.

Some Like It Hexed:
This short, adorable, silly, antic-filled, wild read is exactly what you expect to compliment this series. While I don't recommend reading this one if you have no other experience with the series, it probably wouldn't hurt too much.

Lizzie gets invited to a last minute Halloween party thrown by her biker witch friends - what could go wrong? Well, for starters, why would this be happening at a senior center? Oh, and why are there some more magical things happening in front of the normals? It wouldn't be a holiday if there wasn't the appropriate amount of magic and mayhem. The only thing missing from the story was the yummy Dimitri. This story, however, still managed to jam some sigh-worthy romance in with some unlikely participants. If you're looking for a quick, fun read that will make you smile - this is the story for you.

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