Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Fragile Brilliance

Fragile Brilliance Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book really brought me back to the cringe-worthy rollercoaster of YA romance. The pack member that gets highlighted in this one is Charlie. He’s suffered a lot and has generally been referred to as “broken” in one way or another since Alex’s death. Obviously you should not read these stories out of order, and if this is your first – I’m sorry. Seeing Charlie’s development and growth into the man he is today was part of why this book was so worthwhile to read.

Maggie has some pretty lofty goals, but has the dedication to achieve them all. Her life plan appears to be working out until she meets the dreaded Scout. She’d be willing to live with her nudity loving roommate and her grumpy boyfriend, but she can absolutely not accept being kidnapped by the alpha pack. Her background as a thaumaturgic makes it an even worse situation. Luckily, when she puts her foot down about dropping out of college, Charlie ends up being her bodyguard. While these two really clash (or rather, Charlie can’t stop lashing out at her), the passion is definitely there from the start.

Maggie is the free-loving artist that Charlie absolutely needs in his rigid, depressing life. Where he is focused on the bad, Maggie is focused on the good. They balance each other out in ways that might not immediately be apparent to them, but was fun to watch. This story was tough and hurt to read, but the ending made it all worth it. I wish this world would stop beating on Charlie more often and let us see him truly happy.

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