Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Whispered Visions

Whispered Visions Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow – after being somewhat let down by the Joshua book, this book that I didn’t even know I wanted blew me away! Who knew I wanted to read a story about Layne and Lizzie? They were two characters that I only knew about peripherally (if that) and I certainly did not want to get inside that grumpy boy’s head. There was so much more inside of them both, though, that I couldn’t put this book down!

We pick up this book exactly where the other one left off – Lizzie and Layne are kidnapped. While the last book is pretty clear about them being taken, this one leaves us to believe that they are thought dead. The most important part of the kidnapping, though, is that these two are trapped in close quarters with no way to escape. Layne is filled with all the angst. He has suffered a lot and has all the scars to show it. He doesn’t trust easily and he almost never shows his true feelings. Lizzie is a Seer who can get inside your head with touch. She can break down all of Layne’s barriers and see to the true him. This should be a match made in heaven, but for teenage reasons, they pretend to hate each other.

The characters in this book were definitely the highlight. It was like starting a brand new series that takes place in the same world (which I guess it is). The relationship between Lizzie and Layne wasn’t all we got in the story. We also got to meet other victims of the Society for Human Preservation’s master plan and watch them try to cope. Through all the stress and time in captivity, they grow to become their own type of family. There were some really awful bad guys in this one, but it balanced out with some really great good guys. I think this might be my favorite of this series.

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