Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Vampire Sun

Vampire Sun
Vampire Sun by J.R. Rain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book felt like the end of a series to me. There were a lot of loose ends tied up and we got cameos from all our favorites of the series (the Librarian, Fang). We even get a pretty good HEA for Sam (as much as can be expected at this point). This is a really solid read.

Sam is fighting her inner demon with all she has. She's adapted over the years, but it looks like the final fight is here. Using love to fight the evil inside of her appears to be the only reason she is surviving. She and Kingsley are still in their adorable love-hate relationship, complete with sarcastic wit. She and Fang are trying to reconnect in a new way that challenges them each. Sam's bloodlust is resurfacing and she has to make some tough decisions. All of this is happening while her children continue to grieve for their father (while keeping his death a secret).

A lot changes in the end and all of it for the better. Sam is able to address some old issues and find a really wonderful path forward. The end of this book left me with warm and fuzzy feelings for everyone (even some of the previously jerky characters). I'm almost sad to open things back up again in the next book (but will read it anyway, because I love these characters!).

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