Thursday, February 18, 2021

Wicked Hour

Wicked Hour (Heirs of Chicagoland, #2)Wicked Hour by Chloe Neill
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I continue to insist that I am only audiobooking through this series so that I can complete this world, but this one really tempted me to stop. I'm a little muddled on where we are headed and who/what we should be hoping for here. That being said, I finished it and it wasn't super painful, and I'll keep going, so...

Here we go - a roadtrip book! Elisa and Connor haven't worked out the kinks in their attraction/dating/relationship world yet, so why not go on a weird road trip to shifter territory where there are problems and drama and it will probably be bad, right? Whereas in the original series there was palpable sexual tension, I just don't get the same feeling from these two. Maybe I'm just jaded? I am more hopeful that we get further development of Elisa and her inner beast than between those two. We do get a new character in the form of a sugar-loving shifter friend to Connor who, for some reason, comes on the road trip too.

The big story here is that the pack they visit is a MESS. There are bad guys all over the place, nobody believes anybody, and everyone hates everyone else. Georgia is an exception to this rule, but even she goes to the dark side for a little bit. Aside from some smooches, we don't get much romantic progress, but this book is certainly laying the foundation for some more characters, more drama, and (I hope) some sort of reveal for Elisa's beast. Who knows, though, because I honestly ended this book with a bit of a shrug. What did we get out of this? I found myself pretty frustrated for most of it.

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