Thursday, February 18, 2021

Banshee Cry

Banshee Cry (Blood Fae Chronicles #1)Banshee Cry by Jen Katemi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a very short read that gave a pretty self contained story. We get a tidy happy ended that was satisfying and can most likely standalone.

Aleah is a banshee who doesn't quite work right. Her voice was injured/hidden when her father was horribly murdered, so while she still feels the deaths close to her, she can't actually warn anyone. To handle this, she's set out to find her own land set aside from most other humans. That doesn't stop her from making reluctant friends, but this story almost immediately starts with her announcing (brokenly) some nearby deaths.

This coincides with the arrival of a vampire investigator (supernaturals are "out" in this world). The horrible deaths in the area are part of his larger investigation, but that gets pretty derailed when he Luc meets Aleah. She has some baggage about vampires, though, so they have some issues to overcome before getting that HEA.

By the end, we get a lot more information about this world and the supernaturals. Aleah's family is further revealed, as is the world that is involved in tracking a bunch of banshee half-siblings that I assume we will meet in future installments. This book had a blend of smut, mystery, and fantasy - so if that's a good genre blend for you, this book is a quick an easy read.

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