Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Review: The Rogue King

The Rogue King The Rogue King by Abigail Owen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book begins a new series set in the previously set up world of dragons and their fated mates. You can definitely start fresh here, but coming to this series with some groundwork definitely had me hooked from page 1!

The story that begins here starts with a phoenix. Turns out, if you have a phoenix mated to you, it automatically makes you high king of the dragons. Unfortunately for power hungry dragons, the phoenix must actually choose you, so there should be some wooing involved. That didn’t stop the evil melty current king of the dragons from trying to force himself on a phoenix. When that failed, and she found her own mate, he was determined to just suck her powers from her and kill any offspring. Said phoenix ended up having 3 daughters who had been trained their entire life for a dragon attack. Sent to various hidden places around the world, Kasia is the first one we meet up with. She is also the first one to be found by a rogue dragon for hire – Brand.

Brand has his own secrets to keep, so these two are evenly matched in hiding. They are also, surprisingly, evenly matched in running and fighting (or hot wiring cars, as the case may be). There is also, of course, some simmering interest between them. While on the run, things run hot (literally, sometimes), they are both finding their place in this world. Things they took for granted, the black and white imagined lines they drew, are all changed by the end of this book. As the intro to a series, this was a great start. This can certainly be read standalone, but with a start like this, how could you not want to read the rest?

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