Friday, August 16, 2019

Review: Brave the Tempest

Brave the Tempest Brave the Tempest by Karen Chance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These books leave me with a serious hangover! I'm not even sure what I went through, but I have a vague recollection of it being rough.

At this point, there is no way to play catch up in these books. You start at page one, and things are already chaotic. Start from the beginning and prepare yourself! These are not fun, happy, flowers and rainbows books. These are some serious magical mayhem books, where Cassie is almost always on the verge of death, taking more damage than Harry Dresden and still coming out on top (somehow). So, what's this book about? I have no idea. As a larger story, I know we are nudging things in the right direction, but other than just haphazardly fighting off enemies and scheming "allies," I don't know that there is a single identifying theme throughout. Things we do get? Pritkin and Cassie (yay?), our favorite vampire bodyguards, some pretty satisfying deaths, and a slightly surprising new direction for the next book.

I'm not even sure how to summarize this book because... damn. So much is just happening at all times. Lots of magic is thrown around, there's lots of time jumping and timeline damage that she's got to clean up, and there's a looming war between vampires and fae (maybe?). And Cassie still doesn't have an assistant! It's mind boggling and exhausting to read these books, but I simply cannot quit them. At this point you know what you're getting into when you pick one of these up, so no surprise there. Cassie does appear to be growing and adapting, so watching her character is probably the highlight of this series. All in all, I will keep reading this series until its over, but I definitely need a break in between.

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