Thursday, July 11, 2019

Review: How to Date Your Dragon

How to Date Your Dragon How to Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I dove into this series through the short story after book 2. This may have not been the best place to join, but since I really started my new addiction to Molly Harper, I guess it all worked out.

This book introduces us to the wonderful, wacky world of Mystic Bayou. The town that has drawn magical beings towards it with its mysterious rift has, no shock, attracted the attention of the shadowy organization – The League. Jillian, however, was not the person supposed to be studying the Mystic Bayou. Her boss’s sudden injury led them to tap the newbie on the team, throwing her into her first assignment. Just about everything ends up blowing Jillian’s mind on this new journey. There’s magic around every corner, and one such source of that magic is a hunky shifter named Bael.

Bael is a dragon shifter who has no desire to allow the League into his town. As the sheriff here, he’s tasked with maintaining order, and Jillian is messing with his careful order. He’s drawn to her, even though his dragon relatives will disown him if they end up mates. Jillian is just as drawn to Bael, and is very conflicted about it, too. It doesn’t really seem appropriate to sleep with her “subject” on her first field assignment.

These two dance around the issue quite a bit, but, don’t worry, all of this ends up working out in the wild and crazy Mystic Bayou fashion. This introduction to the town and all of its crazy characters was just perfect. As an audiobook, it was totally engaging and had me sad when I had to hit pause. I’ll dive right in to the next book during my next outing!

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