Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review: First Bite

First Bite First Bite by Mac Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book introduced a complex and totally unique world set in Apple Hollow. Trixie has nothing to lose and nobody really waiting for her (other than her mysterious new job) when she is diverted from the snowed out main road and into Apple Hollow. A reporter by profession, this town is just brimming with everything she could want. There's mystery, secrets, and a bit of a whodunit.

Trixie and Orion meet at the super strange diner, seemingly by accident. That's when things get... weird. As if the strangely friendly folks didn't set her reporter radar off enough, there's some very strange animal-esque things about, an apple tree growing (and producing fruit) in a snowy winter, and that's the for starters. When Trixie makes a horrible mistake, it seems like she might not be heading to her new job after all.

All of these characters are definitely begging for additional books, but this one was a good start. There was also a healthy dose of smut thrown in to keep a casual reader entertained. I especially liked the mystery aspect of the story, which is not something I say often.

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