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Review: Cast in Godfire

Cast in Godfire Cast in Godfire by S.M. Reine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you haven't read anything in this world, I don't even know where to start and how to describe this series to you. I can say, however, that this book really wraps up all the loose ends and gives a wonderful happily-ish-ever-after type ending. I mean, as much as you can get something with flowers and unicorns in this gritty world.

We join the drama already in progress: Marion is still working her own game, lying to almost everyone in one way or another. Seth is brooding because he loves Marion and can't see the bigger picture (ironic, for a god). Charity is still one of the best characters, in one of the most "normal" relationships of the series, yet still able to act as a friend to Seth when he needs one. Who else? Konig is... still horrible and getting worse? It's very hard to tell, since he always appeared to be an angry, crazy man. Oh, and the original sidhe play a pretty big role now, which is pretty satisfying if you know their history and the tie-ins to this series.

I guess the large part of this book is war. Konig is determined to kill everyone and take everything, like a petulant child. Marion, for some reason or another, is still acting like the doting wife when she's not sneaking behind his back. Don't worry, everything gets explained in the end, but it was still frustrating to watch things spiral in such a way. In the author's typical fashion, the side characters find a way to become key players in the upcoming shift of their world. I was happy to see some of my favorites make it out "okay." How to summarize? The war finds its ultimate conclusion, the time warp (ha) ends up triggering (which you know has to happen), and some tough choices are made. I am not sure anyone actually trusts anything towards the end because there are so many secrets and betrayals, but, thank goodness, there is an epilogue.

If you are at all interested in an amazingly detailed urban fantasy filled with political intrigue and just about every type of paranormal I can think of, this world is *awesome.* I still think you should start wayyyyyy back in the beginning with Elise, but you could probably still appreciate the world by starting with book 1 of the mage craft series. Do it!

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