Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: A Secret to Die For

A Secret to Die For
A Secret to Die For by Sierra Dean

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I put off reading this book for a while because I was afraid of how the series would end. Yes, it’s emotional at times and frustrating at others, but it’s still an excellent Secret McQueen read and delivers everything you’d want in the final installment.

First, there are no loose ends. Everything I wanted answered has been answered. All decisions that needed to be made were made (although sometimes in Secret’s frustrating way). Oh, and there’s even a nice little happily ever after for the fans. This book picks up where we were shockingly left off in the previous one. There are zombies (or “risen” as they are named by Keaty) and they have taken over New York. The city is burning and there are very few people still roaming around that aren’t bad guys or “risen.” Secret, with her band of misfit supernaturals has somehow been tasked with saving the city from total annihilation (of course). There are a lot of things that needed to get done in this book and while I was worried about the final resolution, they all managed to get checked off the list.

First, Secret’s secret is … not so secret anymore. Just about everyone knows she’s half vampire/half werewolf and the repercussions have to be dealt with. Through some magical end of the world/last book of the series turnaround, Lucas is backing Secret in her reveal. Sig, being our favorite, lovable vampire, has backed a sneaky plan to help Secret handle the vampires (and tie up all the loose ends with the Arturo storyline). That just leaves the romantic love triangle-ish situation that Secret is still kind of in, even after she became engaged (has that stopped her before?). While there is a definite decision made, I still feel like things were left in typical Secret fashion with some hurt feelings and unresolved issues. I guess that’s the best we can hope for in this messed up situation. All in all, I laughed, I cried (a little), but it was well worth the wonderful ride. Yes, people died. Yes, it was sad and frustrating, but it was a really fun read nonetheless.

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